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Apple Baby House Start on 2009, we dedication and perseverance in seeking for top-notch baby products, but only discovery was unremarkable names with unexceptional qualities . The most important, failed to bring the convenience of buying baby products. Hence, an idea struck to  decided to bring the convenience to mothers in Alor Setar, with the hope to solve this issue for parents in Alor Setar!

We are very dynamic character, being efficient, enthusiastic, optimistic, respectful, responsible and full of sincerity to grow her aim.
 At the 1st we cultivated our business smoothly and grew our client base via online platforms. In a major sense of responsibility and trust, in a short time we have the trust and follow-up of a huge customers


In a short span, this business grew many folds and stocks were abundant. This led to us hiring a staff to manage the business. The option to rent a shop to display all our stocks came by. Subsequently; after a few months, we owned our very first Baby Shop to managed this ambition conscientiously with intricate focus to build the business.

Apple Baby House ~ Our Expansion & People Power
In 2012, we moved from a small shop to a bigger shop. We wanted to provide our customers with convenience. Thus, we started to:

Introduce full range of branded products; Organic Food, Milk Powder, Pampers and Pharmaceutical products to build our One-Stop Babies’ & Parents’ products shop. We built our relationship with distributors by enhancing the core values of cooperation and create future benefits together. However, at the same time, we faced an issue of high employee turnover. Existing employees had negatively affected the new employees which led to provocation. Despite that, we insisted on what we were doing, we held on to our direction and progress. Our insistence caused us to lose all our long-term employees within a short time.


This had led to a brand new beginning. We started to hire and train new staff in a more systematic way in order to discover the core value of the team. We believe a person who has the right attitude, willingness to learn, innovative, self-discipline, and prepared to adhere to rules and regulations will be the fastest to achieve success.




Our Growth History

~ 2012: New Headquarters in Alor Setar; in 2 double-storey shop lots.
~ 2012: 2nd Franchise Outlet in Raja Uda, Butterworth in 2 shop lots.
~ 2014: 3rd new Franchise Outlets in Jitra, Kedah
              4th New Franchise 3 shop lots at Arau, Perlis 

~ 2016: 5th New outlet opening in Kulim,Kedah.  2nd biggest shop lot compared to other outlets. 
~ 2016: We acquired our own warehouse with a small renovation. From there, we built our administration and warehouse team to conduct an effective warehouse management. All outlet supplies are from this warehouse; with a systematic inventory control.
~ 2019 :  6th New Outlet in Taiping, Perak.
~ 2020: 7th New Outlet in Sungai Bakap, Seberang Perai Selatan, Penang.

Our Vision : 
Be the 1st Choice of parent’s One-Stop-Centre for everything for moms & Babies.
Would rather not be profitable but most importantly it will not threaten the health of babies

Our Mission : 
Sharing and communication with you all about the knowledge in baby products 
To bring more convenience to parents.


We will not selling anything that harms and threaten the health of babies.


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