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Anmum Essential 1+ Formulated Milk Powder 1.1kg Plain
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Anmum Essential 1+ Formulated Milk Powder 1.1kg Plain
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Price RM58.90 RM66.90
Product SKU AME1P1100GA3
Brand Anmum
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 8 cm x 20 cm
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●    Anmum Essential Kids Milk Powder is formulated for growing up children aged 1 year and above for Step 3 and 4 years and above for Step 4 with No Added Sugars*. 
●    A crucial time for brain development is when children actively begin to interact with the world around them. Thus keeping their energy levels and nutrition in check is a must. Help your little wonder learn skills, connect the dots and apply his/her newfound knowledge with Anmum Essential kids milk powder that comes with the Mind-Q Connect Nutrient Bundle which includes DHA and MFGM+ Gangliosides (GA®). MFGM is a milk fat globule membrane that contains Phospholipids and GA (Gangliosides). Gangliosides (GA®) along with DHA forms a crucial nutrient combination that promotes brain cell connections and supports brain development respectively.
●    Anmum Essential Step 3 kids milk powder contains 15 key nutrients that support your child’s overall growth and development. It also includes FOS - a dietary fibre, and Inulin - a Prebiotic which help maintain a good intestinal environment for effective absorption of nutrients. 
●    Preparation Method: Add 4 scoops of Anmum Essential Step 3 milk powder to 180ml of water. We recommend that you do so thrice a day. 
●    Once your child turns 3 years old, it is suggested to make a shift from Anmum Essential Step 3 to Anmum Essential Step 4. It provides kids with important nutrients to help support their growth and development. 
●    Anmum Essential Step 3 formulated milk powder is also available in Honey flavor.
●    Disclaimer: *Sucrose, Glucose Syrup Solid, Corn Syrup Solid, Brown Sugar, Dextrose, Lactose, Fructose, Honey and White Sugar are defined as 'sugars' and 'added sugars' under CODEX Standard 212-1999 and CAC/GL23-1997. CODEX develops harmonised international food standards guidelines and code of practices. Under Malaysian Food Regulations 1985, Sucrose, Brown Sugar, Dextrose, Glucose, Fructose, Honey are defined as sweetening substances.
●    Disclaimer: Breast milk is the best nutrition you can give to an infant for their optimal growth and development because it contains just the right amount of all nutrients needed to fulfill the infant's total nutritional requirements during the first 6 months of life. If you are a breastfeeding mum, it is important that you have a healthy balanced diet. A decision not to breastfeed, or to introduce partial bottle feeding, could negatively impact your supply of breast milk and be a difficult decision to reverse. Please consult your healthcare professional for support or advice.

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