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Congratulations ~ Girl becomes to Moms !

Pregnancy is a wonderful process. The previous conditions can not keep up. In this respect, we have not got a very correct understanding. Therefore, some people do not yet know the pregnancy process. Nowadays, many science and education televisions will popularize this knowledge for everyone, tell everyone about the process of pregnancy and childbirth, and even play out how various kinds of animals are born. See a little life from just emerging, and later grew up slowly, and finally gave birth to such a process is very magical.

We will be provide you a more & good knowledge for Mommy , then also sharing about Breastfeeding to Mommy ... Give Mommy to relax this Breast feeding process , Baby & Mommy also become healthy.

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Dalam kotak ini dilengkapi dengan keperluan untuk menguruskan uri seperti:

  •  Asam Jawa
  • Asam Keping
  • Garam kasar
  • Apron
  • Sarung tangan
  • Kain putih
  • Kotak


  • mengeluarkan sisa darah haid
  • mengatasi masalah bau yang kurang menyenangkan
  • mengecut dan menyihatkan rahim
  • menyegarkan badan
  • mengurangkan masalah senggugut datang bulan
  • Banyak design dan warna (send at random)


  • melancarkan peredaran darah
  • membantu pengecutan rahim
  • membuang sejuk dalaman 
  • memecahkan lemak badan
  • membuang toksin dan angin
  • sarung ada banyak design dan warna (send at random)
  • Custom Control with  LCD Display 

  • 2 Phases Expressing Mode (Massage/ Deep Suction)

  • Additional Mode (Mix Mode)

  • 9 Levels Pumping Pressure

  • Proven Airlock Protection

  • BPA Free

  • 21mm breast shield funnel

  • Small Compact Lightweight

  • Medium Duty Breast Pump

  • Connect to Powerbank / Power Adaptor/ PC

  • Pumping on the go!

  • Technology from Switzerland 

  • 100% European standard

  • 1 year warranty + one to one exchange