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Indoor and outdoor games that will let us get a healthy body and can excitation your child's creativity,imagination,thinking skills.They help your little ones make friends,develop teamwork and get exercise regularly.However can increase our family time and improve the parent's relationship.

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  • Introduces animals, numbers and colours!
  • Includes flashing lights and fun sound effects.
  • Features 10 happy melodies and 5 sing-along songs.
  • 1 x Small Magic Cube
  • 1 x Big Magic Cube
  • Includes a Robopoli Wireless USB Rechargeable car.
  • Remote control watch strap
  • Comes in two colors; Blue or Pink
  • USB Rechargeable Cable
  • 2 buttons -> Straight & Turn Right Buttons
  • The door of the bus can open.
  • Playing can improve the flexibility of hands and stimulate the development of hands muscles.
  • The baby can slide by holding the rope dragged the car. The car glides with sound.
  • Tapping can develop baby's hand-eye coordination and train baby's arm-wrist cooperation.
  • The hammers are under the bottom of the xylophone.
  • The ooating is environmental friendly, nontoxic and persistent. making it safer to use.

1 pcs = RM31.90
2 pcs = RM53.00

  • Appropriate for kids ages 5 and above.
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