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  • Glow-in-the-dark pacifier designed for newborn babies
  • Easy to find even at night
  • Clinically and scientifically proven to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth
  • Extra thin and super soft, thanks to the unique and symmetrical Dento-Flex® teat neck
  • 60% thinner and 4 times softer than other baby pacifiers
  • Curved shield and large ventilation holes make the Perfect Pacifier comfortable and gentle on baby's skin
  • Quick and easy-to-grasp button makes soother saver easy to attach
  • Symmetrical shape fits perfectly in baby’s mouth
  • Comes with the MAM Skin Soft - incomparably comfortable in baby‘s mouth
  • Developed with orthodontists & paediatric dentists and clinically tested by the Dental University Clinic of Vienna
  • Consists of six types of grains with high nutritional density and value, and rich in mineral and protein
  • Since the baby's stomach is not fully developed at this time, grains that are too high in fiber are not recommended for babies
  • Hence, MommyJ's Multi-Grain formula that contains Bario Rice, is made to suit baby's stomach
  • Carefully selected grains grown organically without any additives
  • Gold formula by nutrition expert, specially formulated for babies aged 10 months or older
  • Comprehensive balanced nutrition
  • Easy for your baby to digest
  • 100%  Knit Cotton
  • 280 Thread Count per 10sq cm
  • Suitable for newborn baby
  • Produced in The Netherlands
  • Step 1 (0-12 months)
  • New Improved formula
  • No added sucrose and flavor
  • Easy digestion
  • NOVAS™ Signature Milk (Smaller and softer structures)
  • LocNutri™ Techonloogy (Maximum nutrients preserved)
  • DHA, Omega 3, Pro & Pre Biotics, Protein, Vitamins and many more
  • This baby toothpaste is a fluoride-free toothpaste optimized for baby. It is safe to be swallowed and natural strawberry flavored.
  • ISO certified.
  • Use small amount of K-mom baby toothpaste and apply on gums and teeth. Clean gum and teeth with gauze. Use it in the morning and before bed for better results.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Size: 30g
  • Made in Korea.
  • Material: Non-fluoride, 97.58% ingredients of natural content.
  • Suitable from 6 months of age

Size : 9" x 30"

  • REMOVABLE WIRE – Allow mummy the option convert the nursing bra with wire and remove the wire for more flexible & comfort
  • ULTRA-FRESH TREATMENT – Ultra-Fresh is a registered trademark of Thomson Research Associates Inc. from Canada. It’s able to prevent odour and growth of bacteria for a healthier and more hygienic lifestyle
  • FLEXIBLE FABRIC – Designed to accommodate your breast changes in size comfortably as it made of fabrics that included luxuriously soft cotton & high grade of spandex
  • SHOULDER STRAP – Designed wide, but comfortable straps with a wider surface area, the strap doesn’t pull or punch spreading out the pressure and easing the fatigue associated with nursing
  • MOULD DESIGN – Mould perfectly to the curves, therefore fitting every individual unique body shape
  • U-SHAPE BACK DESIGN – Designed with wide band and deeper wings that provide more bust line support
  • TOP-DOWN CLASP – It’s one hand release clips for easy nursing while carrying the baby
  • 100% cotton
  • 280 thread count per 10sq cm
  • Size: 5.5" x 13.5"


  • Safe for daily use and leaves hair smelling great all day long.
  • Functional shampoo formulated to combat hair odour effectively yet gentle to the hair and scalp. 
  • pH balanced, mild and gentle for everyday use.
  • Materials:
  • Brush head – silicone
  • Handle – stainless steel+PP
  • Soft brush avoides scrapes on the bottle.
  • Rotary handle is designed for easy cleaning.