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  • Effectively kills 99.999% of germs
  • Rinse-free
  • Non-sticky & quick-drying
  • Formulated with Aloe Vera for healthy and moisturized skin
  • This baby toothpaste is a fluoride-free toothpaste optimized for baby. It is safe to be swallowed and natural strawberry flavored.
  • ISO certified.
  • Use small amount of K-mom baby toothpaste and apply on gums and teeth. Clean gum and teeth with gauze. Use it in the morning and before bed for better results.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Size: 30g
  • Made in Korea.
  • Material: Non-fluoride, 97.58% ingredients of natural content.
  • Suitable from 6 months of age


    A clip to allow you to attach bags to your buggy
    Strong, safe and secure
    Easy to use, just clip and unclip
    Keeps your hands free to safely navigate buggy


  • Natural Oat Kernel extract is one of the key ingredients in Drypers Baby Care products. This extract is known for generations for its soothing and calming qualities on skin.
  • All Drypers Baby Care products are formulated with Provitamin B5 which acts as a moisturiser, helping to keep skin hydrates, smooth and healthy.
  • Drypers Baby Care range is suitable for babies as it’s made from Baby Friendly Fragrance ingredients which are approved by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).
  • 0-6m
  • Orthodontic & BPA-Free
  • 2-pack
  • Off-centre teat promotes upright feeding which reduces the risk of milk back-flow that causes mid-ear complications.
  • Elliptical-shaped silicone teat closely mimics a mother's breast to simulate a real latching experience, making combining breast and bottle feeding possible.
  • Built-in anti-colic air vent reduces unwanted air intake.
  • Prevents bubbling of milk and saves precious nutrients from oxidation. Safe in sterilizers, warmers, dishwashers, microwaves, boiling water and freezers.
  • Descale every 2-4 weeks to ensure your steam steriliser and bottle warmer scale free and efficient 
  • Remove all bottles, teats, and steriliser/warmer accessories from the unit
  • Mix 6g sachet (approximately 1  1/4 teaspoon) with 90ml/3oz of water and pour into the empty unit
  • For Steriliser : Switch on for 2-3 minutes. Do not put the lid (cover) on
  • For Bottle Warmer : Heat on highest setting for 10 minutes
  • Switch off the main power and leave the unit to stand for at least 30 minutes
  • Pour the mixture away from the unit and rinse thoroughly
  • Run on a normal sterilising cycle, with lid on (without bottles, teats, steriliser/warmer accessories) to ensure empty unit is clean and sterilised
  • *BPA Free & Phtalate free
  • *Cuts & mashes food in seconds
  • *Hygiene box for on the go storage
  • Award winning unique, breast-like shaped teat for easy-latch on.
  • Super-sensitive Closer to Nature valve eliminates excessive air flow (anti-colic valve).
  • Soft, natural-feel silicone teat mimics breastfeeding action.
  • Easy-hold bottle with slow-flow teat.
  • BPA-free for ultimate reassurance.
  • Original flavour
  • DHA, EPA, AA
  • Minerals and vitamins
  • Dairy free 

  • Gluten free 

  • No nuts or eggs 

  • No cow's milk 

  • No MSG and preservatives 

  • Every Box With 10 Sachets Organic Rice Cracker

  • More strong durability
  • More improved waterproof coating
  • PVC odor without worry
  • Anti-fading
  • It is safe temperature does not appear harmful substances
  • Size : 190cm x 130cm x 1.2cm