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  • For gentle cleansing without drying baby's delicate skin.
  • Enhanced with fruito-e.the natural combination of fruit extracts, fruito-e is rich in vitamins and nutrients.
  • Help soothe, nourish and protect baby's skin.
  • Use every day to keep baby's skin clean, soft and healthy.
  • For gentle and effective cleanse Kid’s hair and entire body
  • Kill 99.9% Bacteria, protection up to 6 hours
  • Special Formulated for Kid's Skin"
  • Gently cleans and protects your child's skin and scalp
  • Nourishes the skin with Fruito-E
  • Contains yoghurt and honey extract to moisturize
  • Leaves skin and hair feeling clean, soft and healthy
  • Fun fruity scent which kids love
  • Size : 1Y / 2Y / 3Y
  • 100% Cotton