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  • Suitable for baby from 3 Years and above.
  • Construct building blocks, puzzles.
  • Safe for baby and kids, non-toxic material.
  • Meets safety standard.
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Closed System with Anti-Backflow
  • Original Size 24mm
  • Optional BreastShield Funnel Size : 21mm ,24mm , 27mm , 30mm , 36mm
  • 2 Phase Expression ( 9 Levels Stimulation & 9 Levels Expression Phase with Memory )
  • Massage Mode
  • Light & Compact
  • Steam Sterilizer , Dry or Steam & Dry Intelligent Control .
  • Large Capacity , Fits & Large Bottle or More .
  • Multi-Tier Flexi Configuration .
  • Warmer Funcition with Flexible Setting ..
  • Touch Control .
  • Large & Clear Display .
  • -- BPA Free
  • -- 4oz per cup
  • -- Full Silicone Funnel
  • -- Leak free & easy pouring
  • -- Anti-backflow system
  • -- Flexible & true mobility
  • -- come in box 27mm Funnel with 24mm insert 
  • -- Made from durable & food grade silicone material
  • -- Compatible and easy to use with most of breast pump
  • -- Can save time at home by pumping while breastfeeding.
  • -- Can pump in the office with your clothes on as Lacte fits with your shirt on.
  • -- Can pump in public where there is no personal space. .


• Maximum child weight: 13 kg

• Car seat group: Group 0+

• Weight range suitability: Birth - 13kg

• Washable covers: Yes

• Harness type: 3 point

  • Great for introducing soft solids
  • Perfect for little hands
  • BPA Free
  • Super soft flaps make it easy to grab snacks without spilling
  • Container holds 9 ounces of dry snacks
  • Allows easy access while reducing messy spills
  • 12 Months + / BPA Free
  • Provide 5-Way Comfort Fit. Absorbs Up To 10 Hours. 
  • Has 5-Layer Sure Dry System With Super Absorbent Gel That Helps Absorb And Lock Fluid Inside, Providing Up To 10-Hour Dryness. 
  • Super Fasrt Absorbent Care. 100% Breathable And Leak Guard.
  • Huggies® Diaper technology for dryness and breathability is clinically proven++ to help prevent diaper rash or dermatitis.
  • Provides overnight protection with a super absorbent gel which helps to absorb and lock fluid inside.
  • Absorbs fluid quickly to help keep your baby’s skin dry.
  • To provide extra protection against leaks at the legs.
  • 100% breathable cover
  • Quick dry layer
  • Double leak barriers to provide extra protection against leaks at the legs
  • Newly upgraded Huggies Ultra
  • Contains 100% Imported Natural Cotton*
  • Up to 12 hours overnight absorbency1
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Ultra Soft materials that tenderly wrap baby’s body
  • Advanced leakage barriers with 2-layer leg guards
  • 5-layer speed dry structure to ensure dryness on diaper surface
  • Air-through comfort with 100% breathable waistband
  • Clinically proven to prevent diaper rash2
  • Comes with cute designs
  • 1 Based on research on average urination rate of babies per 12 hours.
  • Seat unit sits both, parent and forward facing 
  • Seat unit has a full lie flat option in either position 
  • Extendable sun canopy, shield your child from the sun, wind and rain
  • Water resistant fabrics
  • Complete compact fold 
  • Easy access shopping basket
  • Smooth 3 wheel ride with front swivel wheel
  • Easily adapts to take the Lux carry cot, cocoon or car seat
  • Easy wipe clean fabric
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • 3Mins 99.9% Sterilization Rate; Sterilization made easy and effective with UVC LED Technology
  • Multi-purpose: suitable for bottles, cups, toothbrush, napkins, pacifiers, tableware and etc.
  • Portable for Travel: Great for home and outdoor
  • Kills 99.9% of Germs Viruses & Bacteria
  • 59S UV Disinfection Bag powered by UVC LED technology
  • One simple press to start
  • Chemical-free
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Sterilization of any products from toys, gadgets an dother baby items
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Portable
  • Powered by power bank or socket
  • No Toxic, No Ozone, No radiation
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Includes nine pieces of 2A UVC LED beads (LED wavelength is 260-280nm and lifespan of 10,000 hours)
  • Power source: Electric (5V input voltage, 8W output power)
  • Power supply interface is micro USB
  • Outdoor sterilizing wash bag
  • Storage for feeding bottles, tableware, and cups
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Automatically shuts off when opened
  • No radiation and non-toxic with no chemical residue
  • Mercury- and ozone-free
  • Application: Sterilization of any product from baby bottles, gadgets, makeup tools, baby items, etc.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Disinfect time: 19 seconds
  • Effective: Clinically proven to proven to kill up to 99% of germs in just seconds!
  • Convenient: The sterilizer's lightweight and compact design makes it easy to take along with you wherever you go
  • Disinfection worry-free: No water rinse is required, no harsh chemicals found in traditional surface disinfectants and cleaners. Will neither produce ozone/steam/heat nor deform the object during usage.
  • Able to clean whatever fits: You can sanitize whatever that fits the lid - From baby dishes and baby bowls to coffee mugs and travel cups etc.
  • Designed to be safe: Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and eye burns. The UV-c sanitizing light will never turn on when the sterilizer is tilted over 5 degrees.
  • Material: ABS+PC+Silicone
  • How to sterilize: UVC light
  • UV light wavelength :260 nm-280 nm
  • Power supply : Micro USB
  • Weight: 100g
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Ultraviolet (UV-C) light eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, etc by destroying DNA physically
  • Removes milky taste of baby bottles
  • Easy to use: Close it and press the button once, finish in 180 seconds
  • Convenient for working mums: The first floor sterilize breast pumps and baby bottles, the second floor storage breast milk(need to put in ice pack)
  • Two types: With rechargeable battery and without battery
  • Other application: sterilizing baby clothes, toys, toothbrushes and anything can be put into
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Suitable for various baby products: Store and sterilize the nipple,teether,teething clip and small toys, it's useful for mother and holding baby soother home and travel
  • Pacify your baby in time: You can comform you baby in time after putting the baby pacifier into the box to disinfect in 59 second
  • Help reducing odors: Helps reduce pacifier odors caused by baby's saliva, metamorphic milk
  • Operate this product on 5V AC or 500mA (USB) or 3 dry batteries only
  • Safe and Quick: Making your item new in just 29 seconds with automatic shut off,storages and keeps contents safe if the lid is unopened
  • 1 Year Warranty